Executive Director of King County GOP

Innovators of Washington

I left 26 years of Corporate America behind to downsize my life, sell my car, cancel cable among other things to be able to dive into our local county party that I was volunteering in during covid.

Covid gave me a chance to slow down in Corp America and become a PCO, then a district chair in downtown Seattle and really see what was or wasn’t going on in King County GOP.

Once involved and the opportunity of King County Executive Director role was available, I jumped at the chance to guide King County Republican Party and help be a part of the change that’s needed.

Fresh new energy and youth is desperately needed and that is my #1 focus; to engage with our youth to get involved. I am currently coordinating the King County Young Republicans chapter that was just formed, working with the WSRP younger field teams, recruiting younger PCO’s, district chairs and bringing new ideas into the Grand Old Party system. That includes, social media, meet ups, thinking outside the box and networking and putting together large and small events.

Going from a Regional Sales Manager and working in the auto and medical industries and traveling all the time, to Executive Director of the King County GOP was a transition years in the making.

I don’t think I could find a better fit for the past 26 years’ worth of professional experience.

Jenna D.Edlund – Follow Jenna on Linkedin
KCGOP Executive Director and 43rd LD Chair

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