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Killlian Noe

Killlian Noe

Recovery Café is a membership-based long-term recovery support community founded on the truths that all are worthy of love and that being both known and loved is transformative.

Recovery Café provides a beautiful drug- and alcohol-free space and community to anchor community Members (those we most closely support) in sustained recovery to gain and maintain access to housing, services, supportive relationships, education, and employment.

Members commit to: 1) Be drug and alcohol free for 24 hours before entry to the Café; 2) Participate in a weekly Recovery Circle; 3) Contribute to the Café community. Founded in Seattle, the Recovery Café model has gained national attention: there are now 49 Recovery Cafés, including 12 across Washington.

Our Founders set out to create a community where our Members, staff, and friends would experience the truths that:

  • We indeed belong to one another.
  • We need a place where we belong.
  • We need to be both known and loved.
  • We often need to shift the ground of our identity: from seeing ourselves through the wounds and traumas we have experienced to the deeper identity that we are profoundly connected to love and capable of reflecting and sharing that love.

We will walk alongside any group seeking to bring a Recovery Cafe to their community.

Recovery Café is an independent 501(c)3 and does not endorse the positions of any political party or candidate.

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Meet Killian here on youtube, learn about the Recovery Café community and all that it offers.