Amanda Mckinney

Amanda McKinney

Yakima County Commissioner

I am honored to be a partner to Opportunity for Washington with a shared mission to support community leaders who want to restore our sense of value and purpose and place a priority on the knowledge that mothers, fathers and trusted caretakers know what is best for their family, their business, their faith community, and their neighborhood.

I am proud to partner with leaders who seek to promote public safety, public health and economic resiliency through sound decisions that fairly support working families.

Amanda Mckinney Biography

Amanda is a mother, wife, businesswoman and driven optimist. She is passionate about creating opportunities for people to help themselves achieve success. She was raised in a rural setting with deep roots in agriculture. She understands the need for fairness and balance in our justice system, having been raised by a father who was a law enforcement officer and a mother who worked in children and family protection services.

A professional career spanning over 20 years in real estate finance has provided her an opportunity to help others achieve long-term financial stability and pursue their wildest dreams. She counts her husband, their two children and extensive family as her greatest blessing and source of strength. Amanda is determined to help restore trust and confidence in our leaders and in the organizations they represent that impact our daily lives.

The biggest issue facing families and businesses in Washington is a sense that hope is lost. Inflation is racing out of control and interest rates continue their steep climb. Borrowing money costs more. Feeding our families costs more. Driving to work and school events to support our children costs more.

We struggle to understand how quickly law and order has dissolved around us. Our businesses and mental health were ravaged by COVID shutdowns. Now the policies providing more leniency to criminals are negatively and disparately impacting the law-abiding people of Washington who work hard every day to provide for their family and save for the future.

What Washingtonians want is a reconnection to hope and a reminder of where their opportunity for prosperity lies. Policymakers must acknowledge unintended outcomes and take swift action to repair our broken neighborhoods and restore trust. Common sense should guide every decision as a core principle.