I was born in Coupville, Wa and spent my early childhood growing up in Spanaway. As a young child, I was expected to do many household chores, cooking, cleaning, gathering wood, cutting firewood for the winter, and more.

When I was finally old enough to work, I got my first job as a barista at a local coffee spot, and boy, I loved it! Hard work was never something that bothered me and in fact I thrived on it. Its where I found my grounding and peace of mind.

However, life has a funny way of slapping you around and mine had a drastic change in course. One which led me down a destructive path and I found myself kicked out of school long-term at the beginning of 10th grade.

I quickly spiraled out of control -turning to drugs, alcohol and many additional poor choices. When I turned 20 I had finally had enough pain, suffering and sorrow. I decided to get help and moved away from where I was. I went to drug and alcohol treatment and slowly began to piece my life back together.

When my treatment was completed, I relocated to Ellensburg, Wa. and took a minimum wage job working at the local, Goodwill -Which I absolutely loved! After working there for some time I was approached by a local, small-business owner, Autumn Moore. She and her husband owned a sign shop, SIGNDOG. She asked me to come work for them.

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While I was flattered, I was more flabbergasted! Why in the world would this lady want me to work for her? So, I politely declined the offer for 2 reasons. First, I was comfortable where I was and secondly, I didn’t feel worthy to be included with these “types” of people, let alone work for them. These people were so “put together,” I just couldn’t do it.

My self-esteem, and confidence were non-existent. I prayed about it, talked to friends and family and one week later, after I was approached one last time, “Please Rosie, we would love for you to come work for us.. how much are you making at your job?” To which I replied “$7.50 an hour” and She replied “We will start you off at $8.50 an hour, and it will only go up from there.”

I stood there and looked her in the eyes, staring for what seemed a century and finally I shouted, “yes!” I was so scared. I was hired immediately and what a whirlwind that was. My new job was so Fun! I learned something new every-single-day. My confidence grew and grew and I was so grateful that I took that scary, leap of faith.

I worked for Brad and Autumn Moore for 7.5 years at which point they came to me and asked the question of my lifetime- “Rosie, would you like to buy the business?” I felt so honored and yet again, that same terrified feeling that I had felt the day they offered me the job. On September 15, 2012- I signed the paperwork taking over ownership and I recently celebrated my 10 year anniversary! I did it!

It hasn’t always been a walk in the park, and I’ve had some personal struggles through the past decade. Addiction is no joke, and it can creep up on you and take over if you’re not taking care of yourself and your sobriety.

November 7th, 2014 changed my life again forever. I am now coming up on 8 years clean and sober and am so grateful to my community for sticking with me, by me and for me and my family. Without that support I would’ve lost everything.

The amount of personal growth I’ve gained from my business, my amazing, loyal customers and through my sobriety has been insurmountable. I am now able to show up every day, put my best foot forward and help others along the way.

I feel blessed beyond measure to have been given this opportunity and never in my wildest dreams would’ve guessed that I would become the successful, business owner, as I am today!

Rose Gomez
Business Owner, Innovator, Single Mom
Fast Lane Signs

Rose lives in Ellensburg, WA with her two boys, Lane-11 and Otto-5. She dreams of continuing to serve her local community through her thriving business and through her recovery practices. Her goals are to raise her boys successfully and to travel the world one day!